Photovoltaic (solar cell) systems

About Photovoltaic (solar cell) Systems

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Solar Electric Systems are hotter than ever! Affordable technology and cost saving benefits are why many homeowners are choosing to go solar today.

Solar technology has improved greatly, dramatically decreasing system costs with the benefits far outweighing your initial investment. You will realize an immediate return the first time you see your electric bill. And, depending upon the system you choose, your break-even point could be as soon as five years.

By taking advantage of a solar electrical system, you can power your home from electricity produced from solar panels on your roof thereby, reducing or eliminating your dependence on the utility company.

Solar electric technology uses the sun's energy to make electricity. A complete solar electric system consists of modules connected to an inverter that changes the system's DC electricity to AC electricity to power your appliances. The best orientation for a solar electric system is on a south-facing roof; however, roofs that face east or west may be acceptable. Flat roofs work well because the panels can be mounted facing the sky or on frames tilted toward the south. If a roof cannot be used, the panels can also be placed on the ground. Another option would be mounting the panels on a patio structure.

The cost of a solar electric system will depend on many factors such as the systems configuration, equipment options, age of the home, and how much you want to offset your electricity bill.

We pride ourselves on the quality of every installation we complete. We set the standard for custom solar arrays, superior wiring and placement, excellent mounting systems.

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